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2011 Submissions

Liberated Mind (Rough Cover) Heavy Metal Song
A Chase Worth Bleeding For Heavy Metal Song
Your God Apocrypha Heavy Metal Song
Heart Restart Sequence (INSTR) Miscellaneous Song
Snow Falls for Lucy Classical Song
Carol of the Metal Heavy Metal Song
Ethereal Complex WIP Ambient Song
Spiral Dismay (Dementia) BETA Miscellaneous Song
The Convenience of Hypocrisy-1 Miscellaneous Song
Testing the Fate of Giltine V1 Heavy Metal Song
Farewell (The Leaving) Miscellaneous Song
Summer Ignition Pop Song
Nothing is Sacred BETA Heavy Metal Song
The Aurora Project INSTR Miscellaneous Song
Tempest of Ordnance ATTEMPT 1 Heavy Metal Song
The War (beta Preview) Miscellaneous Song
Battle Song (CONCEPT) Heavy Metal Song
Illuminating the Vice LOOP Video Game Loop
Cocytus STAGE 1 Heavy Metal Song
2012 AD Ambient Song
Distance WIP Video Game Song
The Pirates of NewfoundlandWIP Classical Song
Testing the Fate of Giltine Heavy Metal Song
My D.N.Angel(InstrumentalBETA) Pop Song
Embrace Classical Song
On the Edge of the World's End Classical Loop
Chasing the Line of Reason General Rock Song
Ocean Mode Engage Ambient Song
March of the Blue Eyes Classical Song
Attack Mode Engage (EA) Ambient Song
Replica (no Guitars Version) Ambient Song
Breakdown (Orchestral) Classical Song
My D.N.Angel (Intro) Pop Song
Breakdown (No Guitars Version) Ambient Song
Breakdown: Icarus Chapter 1 General Rock Song
My Weakness is Blue Eyes General Rock Song
The End Of The World (preview) Classical Song
Angel Island PREVIEW Ambient Song
Secret Song Heavy Metal Song
The Suicidal Tendencies Heavy Metal Song
Midnight Moon (DEMO) General Rock Song
Attack Mode Engage BETA Heavy Metal Song